Scuba Equipment Service and Repair

Scuba Cylinder Hydro test $35.00
Failed Hydro test (includes tank disposal) $15.00
VIP (includes visual plus air fill) $25.00
Internal tumble $35.00
Liner removal $50.00
Tank valve overhaul (parts extra) $30.00
Burst disk change $20.00
1st Stage only (parts extra) $40.00
2nd Stage only (parts extra) $40.00
1st and 2nd Stage overhaul (parts extra) $65.00
1st and 2nd plus safe second / octo $80.00
Inflator style safe second $40.00
Inflator only (parts extra) $20.00
Depth gauge accuracy test $25.00
Pressure gauge / swivel overhaul (clean only) $25.00
Preparation for NITROX (Up to 40% Oxygen)
Tanks $75.00
Tank valve (includes viton o-rings) $45.00
Reg system @ normal service rate + $40.00
Special Cylinder Services and Paintball Cylinder Services Available – JUST ASK
The key to a safe and enjoyable diving experience is to have properly maintained and serviced equipment.
Expert scuba equipment service
At Laguna Sea Sports we have the knowledge and experience to assist our customers with a variety of problems that the scuba diver faces. Some items of the divers gear need to be visually inspected by a trained tech on a regular basis.
Salt and sand are very hard on any material and regular maintenance can almost eliminate some equipment failure. You might save a dive, you might save your life -
Get your equipment serviced regularly!

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