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Laguna Sea Sports provides air fills to 3500 PSI and we support DIN valves. Now Save $10.00 on tank fills (air or nitrox) when you purchase a Laguna Sea Sports air card (10 fills).

Air Card (10 fills) - $50.00
Nitrox Card (10 fills) - $80.00
Single Fill Price
Air Fills - $6.00 (HP or LP)
Nitrox Fills - $10.00 (Up to 40%)

SCUBA air fills right at the beach!

SCUBA Rentals Equipment Rentals
Laguna Sea Sports rents dive gear! Have you ever rented, and paid for, dive gear only to find out that the water wasn't your definition of diveable? When you rent our expertly maintained equipment there's no need to haul all that heavy gear from and then back to some store. Just come to the beach, check out the conditions first, then get your gear only if things look good to you! We are right at the beach, why would you even consider renting somewhere else?

Rental Rates
Scuba One Day

Regulator with Gauge and Octopus $20.00

   All scuba regulator and / or tank rentals require a valid drivers licence, credit card, and proof of scuba certification.
   A preapproved credit card deposit of $350.00 will be required on all scuba rentals that include a tank, regulator or bouyency compensator.

with Computer $30.00
Buoyancy Compensator $18.00
Buoyancy Compensator (wt. integrated) $24.00
Scuba Cylinder $15.00
6mm Wet Suit $15.00
6mm Wet Suit Hood $ 8.00
Weight Belt and weight $10.00
Weight Only $ 8.00
Booties / Gloves $15.00

Snorkeling One Day
3mm Wet Suit $15.00

   A preapproved credit card deposit of $155.00 will be required on all snorkeling rentals.

Snorkeling Mask and Snorkel $20.00
Mask Only $12.00
Snorkel Only $ 8.00
Snorkeling / Body Surfing Fins $10.00
Boogey Board $10.00
Beach Chairs $10.00

Fill out our equipment rental form and your gear rental experience will be faster than ever. The Laguna Sea Sports gear rental form is available for download from this page. The gear rental form is saved in the Adobe portable document format (pdf). If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat pdf reader you can download one for FREE at Adobe's website. (We make all attempts to keep the information on this website accurate, however, in any instance where a pricing discrepancy exists between information published on this website and the pricing stated in the store, the pricing in the store shall prevail, NO EXCEPTIONS!)
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