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  A Buyers Guide - An absolute fact about scuba diving is that out of all recreational activities you can choose, it is intense. The intensity is presented in two separate areas, one is simply learning to dive; getting over the physical and emotional hurdles about breathing underwater can be dramatic. The other area is related to equipment. There are few activities that we can be involved with that require as much "gear" or where the gear is actually in a life support role. This dependency on equipment makes buying scuba equipment a very important part of your future as a diver. Choosing the right fit in scuba gear is critical.

  We use the word fit here to mean more than just the right size. Beyond the obvious, your scuba equipment must fit you properly; a good fit will ensure warmth, comfort etc. The industry now provides both genders and all sizes of equipment. It is improbable to believe (as we did in the past) that a buoyency compensator built for a man 5'6"-10" will fit a woman of the same size, or that they should wear the same style of suit.

The not so obvious "fit" for your gear is related to what type of diving you plan to do. One of the first questions you should ask when shopping for your equipment is; "What kind of diving do I plan to concentrate on?" And, "Does the equipment I am considering fit this type of diving." For example, if you were going to be the primarily a boat diver, then looking at a dry suit and a piston first stage regulator would be appropriate. If you are planning to be primarily a traveling diver, then considering the weight and packability of your equipment becomes a critical issue.

Talk to Us
  Come in and talk to us, we can help. We will help you to define what your diving needs may be and offer you suggestions to ensure your satisfaction. We are motivated by two goals, one of course is to sell. But more importantly for us at Scuba Superstore we are motivated by our desire to see you diving. No matter what you have heard, the profits for a dive store are not all found in the sale of a package of gear, a large percentage is found in equipment rentals. When you rent you are getting (quality) equipment that is meant to fit a group and be used by the group. By renting scuba gear you are helping the store pay for it - why not pay for your own.

Potential Costs

We can outline a few simple packages to give you an idea of what costs could be. Our price will be much lower than actual retail pricing. When you consider the overall cost of purchasing your own equipment you should understand that properly cared for and serviced as recommended by the manufacturers, equipment will last a very long time. To ensure this most of the manufacturers offer regulator lifetime warranties and guarantees. The amount of diving you do and the level of enjoyment you have is directly proportionate to the gear you use. Purchasing your own equipment is an investment in your diving future.

E Commerce

Buying off the internet is here. While putting together this information I searched a few popular sites. I found hundreds of available scuba items. The majority of which seemed to be of garage sale quality. It was being bid up to and beyond normal new retail?! As always it is very much a buyer beware market. Most manufacturers do not allow internet sales for new or used items and therefore don't honor warranties, unless purchased from a dealer. THe internet industry has not figured out how to fit you properly. Scanning your face is not yet an option in buying a mask on line.

There are deals to be had on line. Be careful, come and talk to us prior to making any on line purchase commitment.

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