Laguna Sea Sports in Laguna Beach California Rescue Diver Course

    Laguna Sea Sports Rescue Diver course will give any diver the knowledge and skills to manage risks and effectively handle limited in-water problems and diving emergencies. This course added to the DAN (Divers Alert Network) Oxigen provider would ensure that you are able to handle the majority of emergency situations you may face as a scuba diver.


  The in-water skills in this program will include: in-water assists, transports, surface rescues from depth involving both boat and shore based skin and scuba divers; and will be presented and tested in both the pool and ocean. The course meets the prerequisite rescue training for skin diving instructor, Assistant Instructor, Divemaster, and Instructor certifications. Certified Rescue Divers may use this certification as a prerequisite for the training Assistant.

  Note: Adult CPR training (approximately four hours) meets the requirement for scuba rescue diver certification. However, additional CPR training that includes two person CPR and the use of rescue breathing barrier devices, e.g. pocket mask, face shield, is required to meet the requirements for leadership certification.

The Dives
    The entire rescue class is completed in a single weekend. We require that each student completes 3 ocean scuba dives, you will do this plus at least 1 full pool session. Rescues will be conducted in both full scuba equipment as well as skin gear.

PreRequisites for entering the course
  Age: Minimum is 15 years.
Diver certification: Training and experience equivalent to Scuba Diver.
CPR and First Aid Certification: If accredited First Aid and CPR certifications are not offered as part of the course, current certification in both is required for certification.

  Course fees do not include equipment rental or boat fees or any other incidentals related to completing this class. Registered Master Scuba Diver Students qualify for our in store student purchase discount.

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